Death by Fiction by J. M. Vogel

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There’s a blurred line between truth and fiction that you don’t want to cross.

Alexander sat at his desk, his fingers pounding away on the keyboard. After days of trying to figure out this one particular passage of his novel, he finally knew how he wanted to end it. The theme to “The Twilight Zone” trilled from his left, startling him and effectively ending his momentum on the story.

“Dammit,” he cursed, shoving papers around the desk in his search for his cell. He snatched it and clumsily hit talk just as the phone finished its final pre-voicemail ring.… Read the rest

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Why I Love Short Fiction

I’ve always been a voracious reader. When I was a kid, my parents had to ask the local library for a special dispensation for me on the number of books I could check out at a time. We often left with two stuffed bags just for me.

To augment library offerings, we also had subscriptions to Ellery Queen’s and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazines. My mom was the mystery buff in the house, but I’d read anything and started in on those when I was a tween. Pretty soon I was reading my mom’s leftovers as I’d been bitten by the mystery bug.… Read the rest

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Bad John by Adam Howe

What’s not to like about a dog-lover?

Sadie shivered in the falling snow, hands dug deep in the pockets of her mangy leopard print coat, hungrily eyeing the cars curb-crawling the Strip. Music boomed inside the titty bar behind her, the black tinted window quaking to the bass. She’d danced there herself when she first hit the Strip, before she was busted turning tricks between lap dances to feed her habit. Now she was lucky if they let her inside to slam back a shot to wash away the taste of her last john.

An ancient green station wagon tootled up to the curb, the exhaust farting fumes.… Read the rest

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Plan B story “The Uninvited Spook” by C. D. Reimer on Toasted Cake

Plan B story “The Uninvited Spook” by C. D. Reimer is now available in audio on the fantastic podcast Toasted Cake.… Read the rest

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Plan B Year Three – New Campaign

Today we launched a crowdfunding campaign for Year Three of Plan B Magazine. We are aiming to raise $3000, to double our pay rate and bring you another year of great Plan B stories.

If you contribute, you can pre-order the two anthologies for Year Three, catch up with a pack of all four previous Plan B anthologies, or get the brand new paperback omnibus of all 52 Plan B stories so far!


There are other great perks available and stretch goals that would bring even more Plan B in 2015.

If you love the mystery and crime stories we’ve been bringing you, I hope you’ll take a look at the campaign and share it with your mystery-loving friends.… Read the rest

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